Experience Backed
Online Courses


Experience Backed
Online Courses


In addition to lessons for violinists, I also offer courses to help others grow as independent musicians through my
"Musician of All Trades" courses.

Musician of All Trades Courses

Audio Recording & Production Essentials

If you've ever been interested in the world of audio recording and production but had no idea where to begin, this course is a great place to start. Learn what gear you need and how to use it to record professional sounding music from your own home.

You'll also learn my creative process and workflow for writing original music and arranging covers, along with a start-to-finish song walkthrough for a popular arrangement from my YouTube channel. 

I work in Logic Pro X, but this course focuses on teaching concepts and techniques that can work within any DAW. 


Branding & Content Creation for Musicians

Tired of hearing crickets instead of applause every time you release something new? Creating content beyond your music is a real challenge for so many musicians, but it's also our best tool for attracting and growing an audience of passionate supporters who truly connect with our music and brand. In order to create content that serves both your Ideal Audience and your own career goals (and doesn't drive you crazy constantly stressing out about what and where to post next) you need a system.  

This course gives you the blueprint for creating intentional, goal-oriented content that fully represents your music and brand to attract and connect with the right audience - and teaches you how to avoid wasting time creating content that ultimately doesn't serve your goals.


Distributing Your Music

What's the best way to release your music into the wild after you've spent countless hours carefully tweaking every last track in your mix? This course shares my best tips and advice for how you can thoughtfully release your new music to the world based on my own experience having released 12 full-length albums (5 of which charted on the Billboard charts) and over 50 singles. 

I'll take you behind the curtain of my own strategy for releasing music on Spotify, as well as how I was able to increase my number of supporters on Patreon by over 50% through a new album campaign. You'll also learn some basics from the world of copyright, music publishing & royalties to help get you started in the right direction. 


Violin Courses

"He's a Pirate" - One Hour Lesson

In this 1 hour-long video lesson, I'll guide you through my arrangement of “He’s a Pirate” from start to finish.

You’ll learn my preferred...
  • Bowings
  • Fingerings 
  • Articulations and interpretation 
And my favorite strategies and practice tips for breaking down difficult passages to help you learn this song in the most efficient and effective way during your practice sessions. 



5 Things Every Beginner Violinist NEEDS to Know!

Let me share with you the 5 top things every violinist needs to know when they start playing the violin


My Advice for Learning the Violin: Beginners

Hey everyone! I get so many questions from those of you wanting to start learning the violin so I wanted to do a more in-depth post about that here to try and offer some advice and supply you with some additional resources

Are You a Violinist?