Hi, I'm Taylor Davis!

Loves to help others ignite their passion for music!

I'm a VIOLINIST, PRODUCER, midwestern wife & mom who

I'm a classical-crossover violinist and music producer with an online audience of over 3 million wonderful people.  I love helping people discover their passion for music through exciting, non-traditional music and educational content.

Thanks so much for stopping by! In case you're new, here are 3 quick things to help you know me better:

1)  I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Jarred (it was love at first sight in Freshman English class!) who works as a software engineer.
2) We grew up and currently live in Metro Detroit and have 2 beautiful boys (Logan & Walker),  and 2 beautiful rescue dogs (Jax & Indy).

3) I'm incredibly passionate about creating music and educational content that inspires, uplifts and has a positive impact on everyone it reaches.

Whether I'm creating music videos, recordings, sheet music, apparel, or educational content for aspiring musicians and violinists, we're looking to help you reignite your old passions or create new ones through everything we do.

If you’re looking to have more fun with your violin,
you’re in the right spot!

When you think of practicing your violin, does the word “fun” really pop into your mind?  I didn’t think so, and it sure didn't for me either when I was starting out, but I'd like to help change that for you!

You see, I was classically trained growing up, but I always had a secret passion for soundtrack music, specifically from video games and movies. I’ve always had a deep respect for classical music, but my true passion was beyond traditional violin music.

Years went by as I kept practicing and building my skills as a violinist, but I eventually felt like I was just going through the motions and had lost so much of my love for music by staying on that traditional path.  It wasn’t until after I graduated from college and started sharing videos of myself playing my favorite songs on YouTube that my passion for music was reignited.

Now that I play the music I truly love, I can honestly say that the word “fun” does pop into my mind when I think of practicing my violin!  I ended up finding my true passion with the violin Beyond Classical music, and I’d like to help others experience that with the violin themselves!


FREE Home Studio Essentials Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the world of home recording but weren’t sure how to get started, my free guide is a great place to learn the basics in an efficient way that’s also easy to understand!

People are always surprised to learn that I’ve recorded all 200+ of my professional audio recordings by myself from home. I have a lot of passion and experience for audio recording and production so I’m really excited to help you get started :)

I’ll walk you through my past and current home studio setups, what essential gear you need to get started, and I’ll share specific gear recommendations in 3 different budget levels.   


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