Let's find something that gets you excited to practice

Real talk: some days, you just don’t feel like practicing the violin right? We’ve all been there. Here’s my easy solution: always incorporate a fun piece that you look forward to warming up with or playing at the end of your practice session as a little musical treat for all the hard work you put in!






My original sheet music is available for download in my online shop. All 24 of my original songs are available individually or can be purchased in deeply discounted bundles.

Cover Sheet MUSIC

All of my cover song sheet music is available through the site Musicnotes. Because of copyright reasons I am only able to offer the sheet music through this site. 

Sheet Music Books

If you’d like to purchase physical sheet music books containing some of my most popular arrangements along with play-along backtracks, those are available in my merch store.



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CAn I Tell you A Secret?

I used to hate practicing my violin

I’ll be honest, I grew up playing more video games than the violin. Fortunately for me, my mom instituted a rule in our household that I had to practice my violin every day before I could play any video games. Thank goodness because without that rule, I wouldn’t be where I am today, so thanks a lot mom! 

So why was it so hard for me to want to practice? Well, one of the reasons was simply because I didn’t have a real passion for the music I was practicing. While I have a great respect for classical music and am grateful to have been classically trained, it’s usually not the kind of music that gets me excited to pop open my violin case.  


It's time to find some music that makes you feel good about your playing

The violin is extremely difficult to play, and classical music can be very tough and time consuming to learn. Practicing a piece that’s a fun challenge but doesn’t take months to master helps you to stay motivated and appreciate the progress you’re making, and that’s how I want you to feel whenever you play any of my sheet music. Because let’s face it, practicing is hard work so who wants to feel discouraged every time they practice?  

You need the Right Music

Fun and challenging music can change your mindset about practicing

When I was growing up, I could only find sheets for classical music or really cheesy pop song arrangements. So I learned how to play my favorite songs by ear and it ended up bringing back the joy I’d been missing from my practice sessions.

I know that so many other violinists have the same problem of finding sheet music that gets them excited to practice, so one of my goals as a professional violinist and producer has been to make violin arrangements that are not only fun to listen to, but fun to play as well!

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