Learn more about my new merchandise brand for musicians launching soon!  From uniquely designed apparel, handcrafted jewelry in collaboration with my good friend Halie from Halie & Co. and elevated accessories for your violin case, you're sure to find something you love for yourself or the Beyond Classical musician in your life!


I love classical music, but I discovered my true passion for music when I went beyond the classical world. 

I grew up playing mostly classical music, and while I still have a love and great respect for classical music, I never felt truly passionate about that type of music.  Whenever I would play my favorite movie or video game songs or would compose my own music, that's when I felt truly alive as a musician.

After sharing my love for "less traditional" types of violin music through my YouTube channel over the past decade, I've had so many other musicians reach out to me telling me that their true passion for their instrument was similar to mine.  There are so many amazing musicians out there nowadays sharing their love for their traditionally "classical" instrument in a modern, non-classical way, and I've absolutely loved watching this community grow over the years.  Seeing this change and hearing your stories inspired me to create an entire brand dedicated to those of us who don’t think of our instrument as just a classical instrument: we take it Beyond Classical.

And I know I'm not the only one out there who feels this way!

What We're Making & Why...

We're designing and creating products to help you showcase your adventurous side with music.

When I was growing up, it was so hard to find violin or music-related gifts for my teachers, friends (and let's be honest, myself hah!) that represented my unique love of music.  Most of the designs looked like clip-art, too fancy (like powdered wig level fancy), or made me feel even nerdier than I already was. 

For decades I've still been searching for cool apparel and accessories for musicians that I could feel excited about, but to no avail.  It's been pretty slim pickings out there for far too long, and that's what I want to change with Beyond Classical.

My goal with Beyond Classical is to offer my fellow adventurous musicians and music enthusiasts unique, eye-catching, elevated designs that they feel excited to wear and use in their daily lives.

beyond classical        for you if...

You have an adventurous spirit when it comes to different types of music

You love when instruments are played in a traditional AND non-traditional way

You feel passionate about being creative and having fun with music

beyond classical probably is            for you if...

You ONLY like classical music

You don't want to play anything besides scales, exercises and etudes

You don't like the idea of having fun with music :(



Meet the Crew!

It feels like a dream come true to be working with my family and friends.  We design our products together with our favorite artists, then we pack and ship everything from our home in Michigan to wherever you are!

I started out my music career in 2010 working alone, and it had always been a dream of mine to someday work with my family and friends.  In 2018 that dream became a reality when Jarred left his day job as an iOS Developer to work with me full time!  We've had so much fun working together as business partners, but after having our sons Logan (2019) and Walker (2021), we really felt like we needed some extra help (in so many ways haha) to pursue new adventures with our business. 

Enter our amazing friend, Halie! Halie started out with us as our nanny in 2021, and to say that our family has been blessed in connecting with her would be a huge understatement!  She not only feels like a member of our family, but now she's also joining us in our business and we're thrilled to have her in our crew! 

Halie is an incredibly talented metalsmith and owns her own small business, Halie & Co. where she makes beautiful, affordable jewelry for your every day.  I've been wearing her jewelry since 2021 and am SO excited to have her jewelry be a part of Beyond Classical.  All our jewelry here is hand made by Halie, so expect a little longer processing time with jewelry orders as she makes your pieces, but I promise it'll be worth the wait :) 

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