January 18, 2014

Featured Violin Soloist in the new game: The Banner Saga (Music by Austin Wintory)

You can now hear my playing on the soundtrack for the newly released video game “The Banner Saga” composed by the Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory! Click HERE to check out the soundtrack. I am so excited about my involvement in this project as it’s the first video game I’ve ever performed music for, and also for the opportunity to have worked with Austin on a brand new project. I first reached out to Austin online via email in 2013 before I released my cover arrangement and video for songs from his soundtrack to the game “Journey” because I wanted to make sure that he was alright with me doing the video, and I also asked for some direction on my musical arrangement because it was very important to me that he felt my version would do justice to his amazing score. I was very relieved to hear that he was excited about the project, and I was so incredibly grateful that the video was well-received and that he was happy with how it turned out. My friend and videographer for the Journey video, Landon Donoho, did amazing work with the visuals and it’s still one of my favorite videos that I’ve ever uploaded on my channel (you can check out the Journey video HERE). Austin and I kept in touch and he started telling me about some future projects of his, including The Banner Saga, which he ended up asking me to perform violin solos for. Beyond working together, I’m very blessed to say that Austin has also become a great friend because besides being extremely talented, he is also a very caring and generous person and is incredibly fun to work with. He’s offered me some amazing opportunities and continues to encourage me in my career through offering help and advice, and I’m so grateful to know him. It’s an incredible honor to perform on a soundtrack composed by someone I like and respect so much, and it’s also so exciting for me as a gamer to have performed for an actual game soundtrack that will be heard and experienced by so many people! I loved this experience and I definitely want to pursue more recording opportunities like this for soundtracks in the future. Thank you to everyone for supporting me along the way because when I started pursuing music full time a few years ago I never imagined that I’d be working on projects like this!

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  1. Ricardo Linares says:

    Exelente OST Realmente disfrute la musica de tu violin presente en los combates del juego gracias.

  2. Flat Eric says:

    Wonderful OST! I loved the game and the violin performance is just breathtaking!

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