May 30, 2012

New Site!

Hi everyone, welcome to the new website! I’m so excited about this new site because I feel like it’s a much better representation of who I am and where I’m trying to be as a musician.  On this new site, there are a number of new features that I’d like to walk you through:

1) The News page is where I’ll post any new information about live performances, new sheet music, new albums or singles, or any new products in the store.  I’ll also be posting on topics regarding frequently asked questions, advice and tips, sharing how I create my music, and other general blog topics.
2) The Listen page contains a music player that highlights 30 second previews of my new Album: “Gaming Fantasy”.  You can purchase a digital album from my Store here on the website, or from a variety of other sites like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.  A physical album will be available soon.
3) The Sheet Music page will remain the same as my old site, where you must be a registered user of the site in order to gain access to the free sheet music.  I also want to mention that the sheet music found on this page will remain free, but that I will also be selling other sheet music arrangements in my Store.  I enjoy making arrangements available at no cost because it is a way for me to give back to your support, but I hope you understand that I am now trying to make a living as a musician and therefore cannot offer everything on my site for free, especially some of the arrangements that have taken a lot of work to put together.
4) The Store page is a completely new feature to this site.  Here you will find my albums and singles available for download directly from the site, as well as various sheet music arrangements.  Eventually I plan to offer other products, and I would love to hear your input as to what else you might like to see in the store!  (PayPal and credit cards through PayPal’s site will be accepted as payment).
5) The Contact page is for booking inquiries, or other business related questions.  I wish I could respond to all of my fan mail because it’s so nice of you to send it to me, but unfortunately between YouTube, Facebook, and my website, it would be impossible to respond to everyone.  However, I’ve created a “Fan” page off of the contact page (also on the sidebar) where you can post questions and comments there.  I plan to make it a priority to check this Fan page and respond whenever possible, so this would now be the best way to have your questions answered!  I would really appreciate you using the Fan page as much as possible to reach out to me because it will be the easiest and fastest way for me to communicate with you, and it’s so important to me that I answer your questions and comments because I really love hearing from you and appreciate you taking the time to reach out!
I also want to mention that registered users will be put on the mailing list, and that I plan to send out a newsletter (which you can opt out of) about once a month updating you about anything new on the site or anything new performances.

That’s it for now! I’m really happy about how everything turned out and I hope you are too. I think this site will be a much better way for us to stay in touch and for me to keep you up to date as to what’s going on in my career.

I want to personally thank the designer of the new site as well.  Antoniu (fuzzimo) is an extremely talented graphic and web designer, and he was a joy to work with. You can check out his site here.  I think he did an amazing job, and I would highly recommend him to anyone both personally and professionally.

Thank you all so much for  your continued support, I appreciate all of it! God bless,



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Hi, I'm Taylor,
your music career guide!

I’ve been a violinist for over 25 years and for over the past 10 years I’ve been building my skills and career as an independent musician. Within that time I’ve grown an online audience of over 3 million people, released 11 full-length albums (5 of which charted on the Billboard Charts) and traveled the world touring my own live show, all without ever signing with a record label. One of my greatest passions is helping other musicians learn and grow from my own knowledge and experiences through my Musician of All Trades courses.

  1. mdkmr2 says:

    You’re awesome.

  2. Tuấn Anh says:

    I love your music

  3. Osama says:

    I love your vids, good for you!!!

  4. Alistair says:

    Listened to your skyrim cover on youtube a week back and have listened to near enough everything since. I have to say that your fantastic! I am going to keep up with all the updates no doubt!
    All the best and cheers from scotland.

  5. ProMixt says:

    Hello, just to tell you your songs are amazing. I bought your CD on Itunes, friends listened to it and everyone loves it. Continue, lache pas 🙂

  6. matute says:

    hi taylor iam from argentina i really like your music and you are my inspiration to start to play violin in a church where i go…can you do videos whit subtitules in spanish please i apreciatte you do that kises and the best in the world…do music from saint seiya…besos desde argentina

  7. Wesley Gomes says:

    Hi. Your work is amazing. I’m very delighted!
    I play violin too. I would like know what country are you. Now I’m your brazilian fan. Thanks!

  8. elyes says:

    this is a great work , merci infiniment x))

  9. enam_josan says:

    awesome site,awesome music as always..keep it up..

  10. malon_12 says:

    What a gorgeous new home for your work! I look forward to hearing more of your fantastic audio-artwork!

  11. Emy says:

    Oh my God! It is the first time I visit the new website. It is just awsome! It really has that gaming aura. I love it!

  12. Schönenberger says:

    le site en lui même est sympathique. Il est similaire au précédant avec plus d’option se qui est une bonne chose. (ce n’est que mon avis)

  13. kohlgjp0552 says:

    The site is great,Congrats on all your achievements,you have done Great and you are a great inspiration to keep to keep me playing!

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