March 6, 2013

Performances with the Titanic II Press Launch

I recently had the great opportunity of performing in New York and London at the Titanic II Gala dinners. I had an amazing experience and feel grateful that I was a part of such a fun and interesting set of events. If you haven’t heard about the Titanic II, it’s a project headed by the Australian cruise company Blue Star Line. They intend to make a replica of the Titanic and launch the ship some time in 2016. You can read more about it here. Besides myself, Blue Star Line hired two other people from finding them on YouTube: Korean guitarist Sungha Jung, and vocalist Roxy Darr. They were both such nice and talented people and it was great getting a chance to meet some other YouTube musicians in person!

We spent 2 days in New York and 3 in London. When we finished rehearsing and practicing, I did have some time to check out some of the sights in both cities. My friend Megan (who’s been helping me with my videos lately) came with me as my companion and we had a great time together. It was so helpful having her there because she helped manage the scheduling with me and worked with the event coordinators to help them run things smoothly at the actual events. It can get pretty hectic once the event starts so it’s great to have someone there with you who can keep up with what’s happening during the evening and make sure you’re in the right place at the right time with all the proper equipment.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by a feeling of humility from the opportunities I have been afforded over the past few years. I still can’t believe that because of my YouTube channel, I am able to make a living doing what I love, and that I am able to have all of these wonderful experiences while sharing my passion across the world. If you all weren’t supporting me in some way by watching my videos, subscribing to my channel, purchasing my music, sharing my videos with your friends and family, I wouldn’t be able to have this type of career and I’m just so grateful for all of your support. I really mean that and I can’t say it enough 🙂 Thanks for always being there!

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Hi, I'm Taylor,
your music career guide!

I’ve been a violinist for over 25 years and for over the past 10 years I’ve been building my skills and career as an independent musician. Within that time I’ve grown an online audience of over 3 million people, released 11 full-length albums (5 of which charted on the Billboard Charts) and traveled the world touring my own live show, all without ever signing with a record label. One of my greatest passions is helping other musicians learn and grow from my own knowledge and experiences through my Musician of All Trades courses.

  1. Mikaela Hunter says:

    Hi, I was just wondering what sort of violin this was as I am in love with the black overcoat. Thank you.

  2. Moe says:

    Hey ViolinTay, long time fan from Saudi, love your music keep playing 🙂

  3. Jones says:

    Hey~ I love your music so much~especially the son of the liberty! it just amazing! I will buy your CD though i am still a student.In a word! you are one of the most wonderful violinist i had ever seen!

  4. Alton Grimes says:

    wonderful uplifting poignant expressions…..your playing provides much of the creative oxygen and fuel to my own work….. your contribution to us all is deeply appreciated..

  5. 喷火龙 says:

    hello taylor i am your fan from China I love your music and video

    I will draw some pictures, so I drew you in the blog ( ) please look!

  6. Michele says:

    i’m just coming back on internet after a year and i’m stunned to see all the good things you are doing. I follow your Youtube video since the early videos you’ve published and i think you play the violin in a wonderful way. Everytime i listen to you, i feel deep emotions from the bottom of my heart. In this moment, which i’m writing, i feel so happy to see that you’re doing such beautiful experience of life. Wish you test best of this world 🙂

    sincerely Michele

  7. Micael Montemezzo says:

    Oh girl, you play very much, congratulations. I’m a Brazilian guy, and I’d like to play just like you, really, you made my arms hair rised.
    Thanks for the songs!

  8. Manthangode Raghu says:

    Your cover of Titanic song is really mesmerizing. This brings peace to my soul. I love your music.

  9. jan says:

    Hoy por primera vez escuche tu musica, no se como expresar lo que senti. solamente quiero decirte que me alegra que existan personas como tu que nos despiertan sentimientos tan hermosos al escuchar la musica. me siento privilegiado al escucharte. sigue adelante, gracias.

  10. Gabriela Mendes says:

    Oi Taylor, você é minha inspiração no violino. 🙂
    Há quanto tempo você toca? Quero um dia tocar as pessoas através do violino, como você!!! ♥
    Parabéns e muito sucesso!!
    Gaby *-*

  11. 杨梓雍 says:

    My name is Yang Ziyong, is a Chinese boy. When I first heard your music, I feel like I’m in love with music, thank you!

  12. Dave B says:

    Shame I have only just seen you were in London, would have tried to get an invite from somewhere 😉

  13. ALBERT says:

    Dear tayloard,

    my name is albert and I also play violin since I was 10 years old.
    I like your videos, your songs, your arrangements are incredible.! The sound of your violin is lovely!! how did you get your violin to sound good and lovely??????
    Thank you very much

  14. kasairyuu says:

    0.0 you met Sungha?!?!?! That’s awesome!!

  15. Teddy Liao says:

    Your cover of the Skyfall theme song is simply overpowering. I am a big fan of the Bond series, too.
    Thank you for your music; it has been quite some time since I last experienced such magnificent sounds and melody from a violin. It reminds me of some of my life journey very much.

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