June 19, 2014

New Original Song “Awakening” Just Released!

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted an original song so I’m really excited to finally share a new one with you: “Awakening”. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do, I really had a great time putting this together and I’m hoping that it’ll be something you’ll really like listening to. You can download it from my store HERE, or you can also download it in a number of different formats and listen to a preview on Loudr HERE.

I really will like to hear what you guys think of it and whether or not you’re interested in supporting more of my original songs. I’ve explained this in some of my other articles, but the reason that I haven’t released many originals yet is because the cost is really high to produce them especially when adding a professional video (which is really necessary for exposure and getting people to know about it) and the first original I released (Nebulous) got a lot of really nice comments but not a ton of people actually purchased it, so I still haven’t actually made back the costs I put into it. At this point with all of my other cover albums out that people are supporting, I’m more comfortable putting out some originals from time to time even if it is a little bit of a financial risk because I love doing the originals as well and I’ve had a lot of people ask for more. To work around this a little, I plan to run a Kickstarter for an entire original album some time this fall. I think that way it’ll show me if there really is enough interest in my original music to warrant putting together a full album, and if it gets funded then I’ll feel totally comfortable working on it since it will eliminate the financial risk. If there’s not enough interest I’ll just probably release a few singles here and there.

Either way, I’m really excited to share this new song with you and I hope you have fun listening to it. Thank you so much to all my supporters who have helped me get this far, I wouldn’t be here without you! <3

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Hi, I'm Taylor,
your music career guide!

I’ve been a violinist for over 25 years and for over the past 10 years I’ve been building my skills and career as an independent musician. Within that time I’ve grown an online audience of over 3 million people, released 11 full-length albums (5 of which charted on the Billboard Charts) and traveled the world touring my own live show, all without ever signing with a record label. One of my greatest passions is helping other musicians learn and grow from my own knowledge and experiences through my Musician of All Trades courses.

  1. nargess naderi says:

    i love your movie music album and i can not download all of them. what can i do? what do you suggest?

  2. Sky Everett says:

    I absolutely loved “Awakening.” I believe that it is one of the few songs that touches my soul. I also play the violin and I’d love sheet music for this. When do you think the sheet music will come out?

  3. James says:

    Excellent composition. 10 out of 10

  4. Mahesh says:

    While I am writing this to you, I am listening your violin performance of “Let it go” from Frost movie. It’s beautiful.
    One request. Please never ever give up your smile while you play. That’s in tune with your violin. Very few of millions have this precious gift and you are blessed. Keep it up.

  5. Christine says:

    Awakening is such an amazing song and it’s probably my favorite song of all time now. I play the violin too; do you sell sheet music for this?

  6. Srinivas says:

    Loved the “Awakening”. Thank you.

  7. Ben says:

    Hi Taylor–I just grabbed a lot of your stuff from Loudr, including this song, Nebulous, the Anime and Game Collection, May It Be and Misty Mountains. I continue to really enjoy all your music!

  8. Thomas says:

    Please make more original songs and an original song album, your original work is gem to listen too but a hidden one. the world needs to know and to hear who you are. Both Nebulous and Awakening are great as they reach into what wires people and emotes hope life and excitement but I believe like everyone who listens to your music that its just the tip of the iceberg to your potential and creativity. so excited to hear what you put out in the future!!!

  9. Daniel says:

    So wonderful! I hope I ever get the chance to listen to your music live in concert here in Germany… The United States are, sadly, too far away 😉

  10. Sunnydragon127 says:

    your such an amazing artist! I’m learning violin so whenever i’m getting discouradged i always listen to your songs! It’s so amazing!!! I also would contribute to a kickstarter campaign if you had one. God bless!!!

  11. Subham Xavier says:

    Its worth to buy 100 copies of your albums … Your music gives me peace and touching . I will definitely donate and support you . God bless

  12. Arianna Martinez says:

    Hi Taylor!
    You are a fantastic violinist!. I play the violin as well, but I lost my passion for it some time ago. I recently found it again after watching your videos. Your songs have inspired me to continue with music. You play with such emotion, and it made me realize that my passion for music is still there. I look forward to future songs, especially those you compose yourself =)

  13. Lily W says:

    I love both Nebulous and Awakening songs ! Amazing work, can’t wait until you release a full album ! I’ll definitely buy it 🙂

  14. Kenny Richardson says:

    I’d totally support an original album. I was psyched when you posted earlier in the year about making a Kickstarter, and was subsequently sad to see it not happen. If you do manage to get one going I’ll donate immediately. Your original stuff is amazing.

  15. Eleanor Walton says:

    If you do a Kickstarter, I’ll donate. I enjoy your originals immensely! Can’t wait for the video. Have a charming day:)

  16. Andy says:

    A really excellent composition! Enjoyed the track from start to finish.

  17. Dan Poirier says:

    LOVE the song will be purchasing it on Loudr as soon as i get home!
    I love your music Taylor and i love how you are to your fans. I for one would definitely contribute to a kickstart campaign to get a fully original album out from you.
    Also if at all possible where can we get booking information for you?

  18. Amazing song Taylor ;__; It’s so epic and catchy! I love the way you compose, I’d totally buy your album!!!

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