April 26, 2022

Epic Cinematic Video Game Music on Violin

Video game music has always been a meaningful part of my life, and I don’t think I’m the only one out there who feels this way!

I was a gamer way before it became a cool thing and I actually was bullied when I was younger for my interest in video games and other nerdy things. We moved from Illinois to Michigan when I was in the middle of 4th grade and I had a tough time making friends in my new neighborhood.

I was a bit of a loner for a while, but I did have an amazing world to escape to in my video games that was full of great music and stories. A lot of these games helped me get through some of the darker days of growing up, and I’m forever grateful for the comfort and inspiration they gave me during that time.

I feel so fortunate to have been able to turn my passion for video game music into a big part of my career and I’m so happy to share my arrangements of the classic video game songs that were such a huge part of my childhood, and hopefully yours as well!

Side Note: I actually almost fell off this horse… it was like a real life Breath of the Wild experience haha

Assassin’s Creed Music

Ezio’s Family (From “Assassin’s Creed 2”)

Assassin’s Creed 3 Theme

Bioshock Infinite Music

Elizabeth’s Theme Medley

Chrono Cross Music

Time’s Scar

Chrono Trigger Music

Chrono Trigger Theme

Frog’s Theme

Final Fantasy Music

Final Fantasy music is really what ignited my passion for video game music.

I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit playing Final Fantasy VII – X haha! Although I look at it as time well spent since Final Fantasy VII is truly the greatest game of all time 😉

Final Fantasy music has held a very special place in my heart and I hope my arrangements make you think back on all the fun memories you have from playing those games too.

Besides song recordings, I’ve also done quite a few music videos for these songs too. Here’s the music video I made with my friend Lara de Wit for Aeris’s Theme:

Aeris’s Theme (From “Final Fantasy VII”)

Chocobo Medley

Cid’s Theme (From “Final Fantasy VII”)

Cosmo Canyon (From “Final Fantasy VII”)

Eyes on Me (From “Final Fantasy VIII”)

Roses of May (From “Final Fantasy IX”)

To Zanarkand (From “Final Fantasy X”)

Halo Music

Halo 2 Theme

To Galaxy (From “Halo 4”)

Journey Music

Journey is a beautiful game with incredible music. My friend, Landon, actually told me about the music in this game and I’m so glad he did because I had a lot of fun making this arrangement. It also started a really nice friendship between the composer of this game, Austin Wintory, and I that I’m really grateful for. I’ve covered a lot of video game music over the years and very rarely has a composer ever reached out to me, let alone featured me in some of their other work.

My friend Landon also happens to be an incredible videographer, so he shot this amazing music video with me to go along with this peaceful song.

We shot the video during the winter at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Western Michigan. The shore of Lake Michigan was completely frozen and the lighting from the sun reflecting off the ice and snow gave this video an extra special look!

Journey Medley

Here’s the music video:

Kingdom Hearts Music

Dearly Beloved (From “Kingdom Hearts”)

Hikari (From “Kingdom Hearts”)

Passion (From “Kingdom Hearts 2”)

Roxas (From “Kingdom Hearts 2”)

The Last of Us Music

The Last of Us was one of my favorite games that I’ve played since I got out into the “real world” (aka since graduating from college).

I was so passionate about this song that I wanted to make an epic music video that was basically a live-action version of the game. I worked with FifGen Films out in Oregon to film this video and they did such an amazing job (including McKenzie being such a great sport to play the Clicker at the end haha)!

The Last of Us Theme

Here’s the music video:

Mass Effect Music

An End, Once and for All (From “Mass Effect 3”)

Mega Man Music

Dr. Wily’s Castle (From “Mega Man 2”)

Metal Gear Solid Music

Metal Gear Saga

Sons of Liberty (From “Metal Gear Solid 2”)

Skyrim Music

Skyrim Theme

From Past to Present

Street Fighter Music

Guile’s Theme (From “Street Fighter 2”)

Uncharted Music

Nate’s Theme

Undertale Music



Zelda Music

I’ve actually done so many Zelda arrangements that I made a completely separate page on my website for all of them!

Besides Final Fantasy, I can’t think of a more iconic soundtrack of video game music. There are just so many amazing songs from the Zelda series!

My personal favorite Zelda game is Ocarina of Time so I definitely favored songs from that game, but I’ve made arrangements for songs from most of the games in the Zelda series.

Click here to check out all of my Zelda arrangements.

I’ve also done quite a bit of cosplay for my Zelda Music videos that you can check out on my YouTube channel.

Here’s one of my most popular Zelda Music Videos:

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